Clashing chains, white-hot drum machines and er, 50 Cent. It’s JTRP’s FACT mix.

We first met the German duo of Jorge Takei and Robophil last year, with the release of their sublime cave rave anthem ‘Dungeons’. Last month, we conducted a New Talent piece on the pair, where we delved deeper into their dark, atmospheric take on European and UK house music – you can read that here.

Before you balk: this isn’t your usual cliched industrial house; JTRP make precision-tooled club weapons that swing wildly between immaculatly mixed drums and synths and rickety progressions that seem like they could fall apart at any moment. It’s unpredictable, it’s racous, and although the pair’s aesthetic shares ground with Jay Weed, Pinch, Girl Unit and more, there’s nobody else that really sounds like them.

If there’s one thing that JTRP’s FACT mix sheds some light on, it’s the role that hip-hop plays in their music. When you hear their chopped-up darkside drums played next to Rod Lee and, at one memorable point, edited underneath 50 Cent, you realise where a lot of that unpredictability comes from. But we could sit and analyse this mix all day – what’s most important is that it bangs. Stimming, Walton, Addison Groove, ‘Shake’ Shakir and more feature.

(Available for three weeks)


RJD2 – 1976 (DefJux)
Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Assimilated (FaltyDL Remix) (Rush Hour)
Hackman – Vancouver (CDR)
Jorge Takei – You (CDR)
JTRP x 50 Cent – In Da Moon (CDR)
Canblaster – TK (Dark Mix) (CDR)
JTRP – Ceddybu (Deep Teknologi)
Rod Lee – Count Down (Club Kings)
Wachs Lyrical – I Feel Alright Now (Wicked Bass)
WinWin – Interleave (Kingdom Remix)
Addison Groove – Its Got Me (3024)
Koreless – 4D (Pictures)
Hyetal – Diamond Islands (Black Acre)
Dubbel Dutch – DARQ (CDR)
Brenmar – I’m So High (Grizzly)
JTRP – Shady (Deep Teknologi)
Mr. Tweaks – Elevator (Pelican Fly)
Stimming – Trashcan (Diynamic)
Elkat & Moleskin – Hurt (CDR)
Boddika – Underground (Swamp 81)
JTRP – Dungeons VIP (CDR)
Jacques Greene – The Look (Koreless Remix) (Lucky Me)
Unknown – Sicko Cell (Swamp 81)
Lil Silva – Cheese & Bun (Good Years)
Walton – Mangled Riddim (Wicked Bass)
JTRP – Untitled (CDR)



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