Matthew Herbert is ready to unveil his eagerly awaited One Pig: an album made from recordings taken during the birth, life, butchery and consumption of a single pig, reared for meat at a farm in England.

Some three years in the making, it’s the final part in the artist’s One trilogy, which began with unadorned singer/songwriter album One One, and continued with One Club, which was composed entirely from field recordings made at the Robert-Johnson techno club in Frankfurt.

The album “aims to listen in on a single farm animal’s life in the context of an otherwise-anonymous food chain.” Despite his good intentions, PETA last year accused Herbert of trying to make entertainment out of animal cruelty, and there is currently a Facebook campaign attempting to prevent One Pig‘s release.

Assuming it’s not met with any more serious obstruction, One Pig will be issued  through Herbert’s own Accidental Records on October 10. A live version will be premiered in September at the Royal Opera House, as part of Mike Figgis’s Just Tell The Truth festival, and there will be a “full album launch” in early October as well.

You can see how the project has developed over time on Herbert’s dedicated blog.

1. August 2009
2. September
3. October
4. November
5. December
6. January
7. February
8. August 2010
9. May 2011





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