First announced back in May, LA Vampires’ collaborative EP with Ital is finally here.

LA Vampires is the chief recording project of Amanda Brown, Not Not Fun and Pocahaunted co-founder. Her best work to date has been collaborative – the incredible dub-wise LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus, and the Matrix Metals hook-up So Unreal – which bodes well for the new EP, Streetwise, credited to LA Vampires Does Ital.

Ital has already released one of FACT’s singles of the year in ‘Culture Clubs’, via his own Lovers Rock label, and is responsible for some of the best drops of Brown’s dance-not-dance label 100% Silk. You can definitely here his influence in Streetwise’s brand of dubbed-out hypnagogic house and smudged, juddering disco.

Here’s what the label have to say about it:

Rolling like a stone (thus no moss, man), LA Vampires recontextualizes into a new collab EP, this time with SF-gone-NY lovers rocker Ital. Each song was pieced together from a rainbow of sources – screwed tape loops, multiple drum machines, layers of synth lines and phasings, analog samplers, live vocal remixing, etc – and the results are what you might expect: raw asymmetrical bangers blasting down dim concrete hallways streaked with chemical graffiti and bootleg club lights. Too gritty and blasted for dancing but too bangin’ to sit still, this is a real mutant zone, a white label 12” found in a sewer seething with dry ice and recorded through a wall. Wake up and weird out. Life’s too lame to play it straight.

The 12″ is limited to 600 copies is housed in “spineless no-hole Euro-style jackets with 90s videodromed art and layout” by Spencer Longo. It’s currently available to order direct from NNF, and should appear in other stores later this month; the digital is available now.

Download: LA Vampires Goes Ital – Streetwise [via Altered Zones]

Streetwise EP tracklist:
1. Streetwise
2. Tons of Love
3. A Woman Is A Woman
4. The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth



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