On September 5, Wall Of Sound will release Hurricane Dub, a special edition of Grace Jones’ celebrated 2008 LP, Hurricane.

It will be available as a 2xCD, the first disc containing the original version of Hurricane, and the second featuring 10 newly created dubs by Ivor Guest, who also produced the original album.

Jones is no stranger to the art of the dub, having worked extensively with Jamaican legends Sly & Robbie and long advocated extended 12″ dancefloor mixes of her singles.

The artwork for Hurricane Dub (pictured above) is by Jean-Paul Goude, and features Jones looking suitably terrifying in a trademark Philip Treacy hat.

1. This Is
2. William’s Blood
3. Corporate Canniba
4. I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)
5. Well Well Well
6. Hurricane
7. Love You To Life
8. Sunset Sunrise
9. Devil In My Life
1. This Is Dub
2. William’s Dub
3. Cannibal Dub
4. Well Well Well Dub
5. Crying Dub
6. Hurricane Dub
7. Love You To Life Dub
8. Sunset Dub
9. Devil Dub
10. Hell Dub




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