This Friday’s FACT mix is a live session from Pursuit Grooves.

Pursuit Grooves is the long-running musical project of New York’s Vanese Smith: in it, she produces, raps and sings, and combines the three with live cutting and manipulating in her increasingly infamous live shows. After several years of releasing records on her own label, she turned to Tectonic, the label of Bristol dubstep godfather Pinch, in 2010 to release Fox Trot Mannerisms, a staggering breakthrough EP that found Smith an entire new audience.

Last month, Pursuit Grooves followed that record with Frantically Hopeful, a more political record described as an album of “commendable originality and scope” by FACT’s James Waldron.

Grooves’ FACT mix takes the form of an on-the-fly live session, using her SP-505 sampler and several synths to add “additional layers of percussive effects, melodic chords, bass tones and philosophic words of wisdom”. There’s no tracklist supplied, as frankly, there’s too much material layered here to list, but looped and mutated fragments of tracks from Urban Tribe, 2562, Mo Kolours, Chancha, Sbtrkt, Cardopusher and more feature.



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