No doubting what our record of the week is: a 12″ of mysterious origins featuring classic remixes of Saint Etienne by Aphex Twin and Autechre.

AFX‘s Quex-RD mix of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ appeared on a limited edition (1500) Heavenly white label in 1993, b/w with his Voix Revirement version, while Autechre‘s Skin Up, You’re Already Dead mix of ‘Like A Motorway’ came a year later, sharing a platter with a David Holmes mix of the same track.

To our knowledge, this new 12″ represents the first time that the Aphex and Autechre remixes have appeared together. It all most goes without saying that both efforts are astonishing – moving, ineffably dystopian and completely ahead of their time. Seriously:

We won’t tell you exactly where to find copies of this record, as we wouldn’t want the bootleggers, if indeed it is a bootleg, to get in trouble on our account. Seek and ye shall find.



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