FatCat Records have compiled five early 90s EPs from forgotten post-rock trailblazers Disco Inferno.

Summer’s Last Sound (Cheree, 1992), A Rock To Cling To (Rough Trade, 1993), The Last Dance (Rough Trade, 1993), Second Language (Rough Trade, 1994) and It’s a Kid’s World (Rough Trade, 1994) are being merged together for release on a single CD and download as The 5 EPs.

As FatCat’s eulogising press release asserts, the East London trio of Ian Crause, Paul Willmott and Rob Whatley “combined avant-garde aesthetics with a basis in solid pop hooks, credibly depicting suburban alienation and national decay through embittered, intelligent lyrics.” They were also sonically way ahead of their time, integrating sampler and MIDI technology into their composition, recording and performances with genuine experimental flair, which only makes the lack of attention they received in their short lifetime – and since – crueller and harder to understand.

The new compilation, out September 12, gathers the long out of print EPs they released between 1992 and 1995, each of which represented a significant creative leap forward for the band – there’s certainly no disparity between the EPs and the albums in term of quality. FatCat draw comparisons with the more recent work of Animal Collective, The Books, Black Dice and Atlas Sound, all valid ones to our ears – though there’s a dour, rainy quality to The 5 EPs that is definitively, irreducibly British.

1. Summer’s Last Sound
2. Love Stepping Out
3. A Rock To Cling To
4. From The Devil To The Deep Blue Sea
5. The Last Dance
6. D.I. Go Pop
7. The Long Dance
8. Scattered Showers
9. Second Language
10. The Atheist’s Burden
11. At The End Of The Line
12. A Little Something
14. A Night On The Tiles
15. Lost In Fog



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