High Places have announced their third album.

Real names Bob Barber and Mary Pearson, High Places appeared on the radar of most in 2007-2008 with a series of singles, followed by a self-titled album that ranked among 2008’s best. 2009 saw an excellent split release with ex-Black Dice man Soft Circle, before 2010 brought the more lukewarmly recieved High Places vs. Mankind.

The duo’s third album is titled Original Colors, and it represents their first full-length since relocating from New York to Los Angeles. According to the press release, it’s lyrically inspired by “Australia’s inimitable foliage, the expansive desert of Northern Mexico, and the crystal, blue waters of the Indian Ocean.” Fucking hippies!

Original Colors will be released on October 11 through Thrill Jockey.


01. Year Off
02. The Pull
03. Sonora
04. Ahead Stop
05. Sophia
06. Dry Lake
07. Morning Ritual
08. Banksia
09. Twenty Seve
10. Altos Lugares



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