On September 5, ZZT Records are to release Blueprint, the “definitive career overview” of 808 State.

The CD compilation spans their early acid house releases via their own Creed label via their days as globe-trotting stadium-fillers and on to more recent collaborations with the likes of Guy Garvey and James Dean Bradfield. As well as classic tracks like ‘Pacific’ and ‘Cubik’, some appearing in original, others in “revisited” form, there are hook-ups with Björk (‘Qmart’), Brian Eno (‘Lopez’) and Simian (‘606’), Aphex Twin‘s legendary remix of ‘Flow Coma’ and exclusive new remixes from Trevor Horn, Jon Carter and 808 Tape. There are also two brand new tracks in the shape of ‘Spanish Ice’ and ‘Metaluna’.

The sleeve notes are extensive, featuring contributions from The Prodigy, Doughty, Moby, Simian and Future Sound Of London, with a foreword from Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll, as well as an archive interview with 808 State’s Graham Massey, Darren Partington and Andrew Parker by Paul Morley. The sleeve design was derived from the original blueprints for the TR-808 drum machine (from which the group took their name); apparently Roland dug them out of their archive specifically for this project.

01 05:03 Flow Coma—AFX remix by Aphex Twin
02 05:52 Pacific State—origin
03 04:07 In Yer Face—revisited
04 05:20 Cübik—remix by Monkey Mafia
05 05:13 Timebomb—808 tape mix
06 03:44 Cobra Bora—revisited
07 04:48 Olympic—word production mix
08 04:29 Nimbus—revisited
09 04:59 Nephatiti
10 04:02 Firecracker—edit
11 03:40 Plan 9—radio edit by Trevor Horn
12 03:50 Lopez—radio mix by Brian Eno, featuring James Dean Bradfeld
13 03:20 Lemonsoul—featuring Guy Garvey
14 04:59 Qmart—featuring Björk
15 05:10 606—revisited, featuring Simian
16 04:02 Spanish Ice
17 04:22 Metaluna/Compulsion—revisited
(Tracks 03, 05 to 08, 11, 15 to 17—previously unreleased.)




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