Good news: Theo Parrish’s Ugly Edits are being compiled for a CD release.

No self-respecting record collection is complete without a bootleg 12″ or three, but few people are fortunate enough to own any original pressings of the eight Ugly Edits platters, which were hand-spray-painted by Parrish and issued in tiny quantities over the course of 2002-4, with only a handful of copies making it out of the US. Artists subjected to Theo’s scalpel in the series include Jil Scott, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, Freddie Hubbard, Sylvester, Roger Troutman and Eta James.

Most of the bootlegs have offered inferior sound-quality, so this (naturally) limited edition, official CD from Theo himself is very welcome. No release date has been set; rest assured that when the CD does emerge, it will sell out fast, so keep your eyes pealed.


1. Slowly Surely
2. Never Let U Go
3. Love I Lost
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
5. Little Flower
6. Got A Match?
7. Get On Down
8. Stay Together
9. Get Up It’s Summer
10. Roger N Me
11. No Way Back
12. I Love You
13. Shave Mister
14. Party Going On
15. Yo Sexy Body
16. Slick
17. Never Seen A Tree



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