Available on: Dame Music digital

It might seem an odd thing to say, but at a time with (you could argue, rightfully) more emphasis on getting away from 4/4 than ever, there’s something refreshing about a pair of good, solid house tracks that use a foundation of 4/4 kick drums to build up a body of exciting atmospherics and short-form dynamics.

I don’t know who Quenum is, and whether he or she is really a black rebel (as Andrew Weatherall recently argued, knowing these things doesn’t make the music any better), but these tracks feel like a strange breath of fresh air, setting the main rhythm in stone early on and freeing up the rest of the six minutes to focus on smaller, internal rhythms and, you know, just cool sounds. Tailor-made to be mixed long by DJs, but with enough freedom to stay interesting in your headphones for their entire duration.

Elon Gats



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