Legendary UK production unit Horsepower Productions will have material from their Lost Tapes collected on a new EP from Tempa.

Credited by many with inventing dubstep, Horsepower’s first two albums, To the Rescue and In Fine Style stand as two of the most original full-lengths to emerge from UK garage, bridging the gap between the silkier sound of early 2-step and the roughness of grime and dubstep, drawing inspiration not just from heavy-duty reggae but also techno, hardcore, breakbeat and jungle.

Last year, the group returned with a third album, Quest for the Sonic Bounty (key Horsepower member Benny Ill gave an in-depth interview to FACT around this time, which is worth reading for both the familiar and unfamiliar).

Lost Tapes features four previously unreleased Horsepower tracks: ‘Boogaloo’, ‘Landslide’ (Remix), ‘What We Do’ (Original mix) and ‘Midnight Tease’ (Instrumental). It’s already on pre-order in several stores, so we’d expect an August or early September release date.



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