Maria Minerva this month follows up her Tallinn at Dawn cassette with a new album for Not Not Fun, Cabaret Cixous.

The London-based Estonian has earned a substantial cult following for her smudgy, tape-saturated blend of sensual pop, dubbed-out Euro-disco and new age synthesizer music, and is right at home on the label that also houses LA Vampires and Peaking Lights. Building on the dissolute grooviness of her recent ‘Noble Savage’ 12″ for 100% Silk, Cabaret Cixous is a valium-paced dance party album par excellence, hpynagogic as all hell but hook-laden too. The title is apparently a reference to the prolific French feminist novelist, playwright, critic and academic Hélène Cixous.

You can check out the video for ‘Luvcool’, one of the album’s highlights, below. Cabaret Cixous is already available digitally, and will be issued on limited edition vinyl later this month.

Maria Minerva – Luvcool from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Cabaret Cixous tracklist:
1. These Days
2. Pirate’s Tale
3. Luvcool
4. Once Upon
5. Honey Honey
6. Laulan Paikse Kaes
7. Soo High
8.I Luv Ctrl
9. Favourite Song (Italo Interlude)
10. Spiral
11. Ruff Trade



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