Daphni – the disco editing alter ego of Dan ‘Caribou’ Snaith – returns this week with Daphne Edits Volume II.

Once again coming courtesy of mysterious London imprint Resista, the second instalment in the series finds Snaith reworking a contemporary track alongside an oldie. He adds a bit of dancefloor oomph and uses an array of neat effects to enhance the trippiness of ‘Hypersphere’, an original recording by New Zealand’s Orchestra of Spheres, purveyors of  (in their own words). “psychedelic primary school disco”.

The other track, ‘Baladins’, is apparently  a state-sponsored recording sourced from West Africa, and though it sounds dusty as hell, it’s been engineered by Snaith to within an inch of its life in order to make it tough enough for modern soundsystem deployment.

Daphne Edits Vol.II is available on limited edition 12″, out now. More information and samples here.



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