The Skull Snap EP is the title of a new 12″ EP by Gescom, out August 22.

Released on, and taking its name from, Skam’s hip-hop offshoot label Skullsnap, the 12″ contains five new productions surveying the kind of low-slung, off-kilter beat territory loosely associated with the likes of Kaiman Leung, Samiyam et al, but with a distinct British edge.

As many as 30 different individuals have contributed to the ever-shifting Gescom collective over the years, with releases on labels such as Skam, Warp, Leaf and Chocolate Industries. The project is closely linked to Autechre (Sean Booth and Rob Brown have had a hand in many if not all Gescom works); other notable members include Skam boss Rob Hall and Darrell ‘Bola’ Filton. The personnel behind The Skull Snap EP is unknown.

The Skull Snap EP is the first new Gescom release since 2007’s A1-D1. Four of its tracks are available to listen to on YouTube.

A1. Seventh Stone Triangle
A2. Cake MicSide
B1. Seventh Ace Deuce
B2. R Zee Oner Panix
B3. V Take Fastroll



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