Just when you thought the Ghost Box and Mordant Music axis has cornered the market in electronic music inspired by the mysteries of the English landscape, along comes Sub-Loam with The Ley Hunter’s Companion.

The CD is described by label Dissolving Records as “a mini-album comprising two extended synthesizer and sequencer trips over the summer countryside, ‘Lines in the Landscape’ and ‘Odyssey’… an excellent soundtrack to any summer journeys out into the fields and hills in search of ancient mysteries.”

The title, in case you were wondering, refers to ley lines, those “alleged alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords” which have prompted all kinds of theorising and rhapodising by archaeologists, novelists, mystics, occultists and other crackpots.

The Ley Hunter’s Companion is Sub Loam’s first of 2011, following the release last year of Earthern Circle and 2, the latter featuring pop hit ‘The Primeval Forest In The Hours Before Dawn Anticipates The Arrival Of The Sun Heralded By Faint Smears And Ragged Streamers Of Greys And Blues In The Slowly Lightening Sky’.

Limited to 230 hand-numbered copies and packaged in colour wallet in 7″ sleeve (which folds out to 14″ poster), the release is available to order here. Listen to a short preview below.

Sub Loam – Ley Hunter’s Companion preview by dissolvingrecords



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