The Vinyl Factory and Dreaming with… have unveiled When The Night Falls, a new limited edition vinyl and art collaboration between UNKLE and photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

To be more precise, there are six different variations of When The Night Falls, each containing different music and different cover art, and limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed by James Lavelle, Du Preez and Thornton Jones. The artwork is gold screen printed, “using specially treated ink to ensure each edition is a unique art piece; the music is pressed across two 180g vinyl records, one gold and one silver, and includes remixes and dub versions by the likes of The Horrors and Dave Sitek. Full tracklists below.

The editions have been created in celebration of the first solo show by Du Preez and Thornton Jones, whose past collaborators include Massive Attack and Alexander McQueen, taking place at the new Vinyl Factory gallery in Chelsea, London, from September 15 – October 9, 2011.

More information, pictures and pre-orders here.



Limited edition 1:
Vinyl 1
A1. Follow Me Down (4.23)
A2. Follow Me Down, Dave Sitek Mix (4.23)
AA. In My Mind (4.45)
Vinyl 2
A1. Natural Selection (4.10)
A2. Natural Selection, The Horrors Mix (7.25)
AA. Money And Run (5.17)

Limited edition 2:
Vinyl 1
A. Joy Factory (3.59)
AA. The Dog Is Black (5.04)
Vinyl 2
A1. The Answer (4.40)
A2. The Answer, Trentmoller Mix (5.50)
AA. Only The Lonely, Dub (4.25)

Limited edition 3:
Vinyl 1
A. On A Wire (4.52)
AA. Wash The Love Away (5.13)
Vinyl 2
A. Falling Stars (5.48)
AA. Sunday Song (6.47)

Limited edition 4:
Vinyl 1
A. Caged Bird (5.08)
AA. With You In My Head (5.12)
Vinyl 2
A. Ablivion (4.29)
AA. Country Tune (5.17)

Limited edition 5:
Vinyl 1
A. The Runaway (3.45)
AA. Not A Sound (5.16)
Vinyl 2
A. Everest (4.20)
AA. The Healing (4.27)

Limited edition 6:
Vinyl 1
A1. Heavy Drug, Reprise (6.44)
A2. Heavy Drug, FBA Remix (8.25)
AA. When The Lights Go Out (5.37)
Vinyl 2
A. Another Night Out (5.12)
AA. Every Single Prayer (5.14)




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