Very little information available at this time, but it’s still news, and very good news at that: Drexciya’s early releases are going to be reissued.

The new editions will come from Clone Classic Cuts, the reissue subsidiary of Holland’s Clone Records, a label which has enjoyed a long and fruitful association with Drexciya and its many affiliated projects. Clone can also invariably be relied upon to produce reissues of the best possible audio and manufacturing quality, while ensuring that everything is licensed properly and artists remunerated correctly.

All we know at present is what the label has posted on its Facebook page:

“We will re-issue the early Drexciya catalogue on Clone. We are currently busy restoring the original master tapes, and hopefully we have the first one ready before the end of the year! Of course we will keep you updated on the process.”

If we had to guess, we’d say that the remastered and reissued titles will include Deep Sea Dweller, Bubble Metropolis, Molecular Enhancement, The Unknown Aquazone and Aquatic Invasion, which came out in 1992-5 on such labels as Submerge, Underground Resistance, Rephlex and Shockwave. Fingers crossed, anyway.

For those of you unfamiliar with Drexciya, it was a shadowy, Detroit-based duo comprised of the late James Stinson and Gerald Donald (these days better known as Heinrich Mueller, Dopplereffekt mainman). Across numerous releases – not just as Drexciya but under such aliases as Abstract Thought and L.A.M. – the duo presented a completely unique, intoxicating take on electro and techno, all bound up in an aqua-futurist mythology as seductive and rich with connotation as it was bizarre.

We’ll update you on when we know more.






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