The Faith – ‘Subject To Change’

DC hardcore stable Dischord is reissuing Subject To Change, a classic but criminally little-known record by one of the scene’s key bands, The Faith.

Along with Minor Threat, The Faith were key players in the early development of hardcore, with a melodic approach that would influence not just associated acts like Rites of Spring and Embrace, but also a subsequent generation of bands such as Nirvana, whose Kurt Cobain was a vocal fan of Subject.

Like all the best punk bands, The Faith imploded almost as soon as they arrived. Following a seminal split LP with Void (Faith/Void), they played their last show in August 1983, and Subject – actually more of an EP than album, clocking in at just 14 minutes – was issued four months later (the picture above is a detail from the original LP pressing). For the 2011 edition, Dischord have expanded the release to include 11 frenetic tracks from the band’s first demo, recorded in 1981 at Inner Ear Studios and featuring several songs later re-recorded and included on Faith/Void.

The 2011 vinyl edition of the album features the original Subject To Change tracks, freshly remastered, on its A-side, and the ’81 demo recordings, mastered properly for the first time, on its B.


A1. Aware
A2. Say No More
A3. Limitations
A4. No Choice
A5. Untitled
A6. Subject To Change
A7. More of the Same
A8. Slowdown
B2. Don’t Tell Me
B3. In the Black
B4. In Control
B5. It’s Time
B6. Another Victim
B7. Nightmare
B8. Trapped
B9. No Choice
B10. Confusion
B11. What’s Wrong With Me



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