Whenever Alan McGee opens his mouth it’s a more or less a given that something silly’s going to come out of it, but he’s really excelled himself this week.

Talking to Themusic.com.au [via NME], the Creation Records founder said:

“I read that the Sony PIAS Building burnt down. I’m probably the only person who thought that was funny. I call that a result. Got rid of all the shit music. And you get paid for it, the stuff you couldn’t sell.”

Today he responded to the inevitable criticism his comment provoked: “I do not retract any part of the statement… there is no retraction. There is no apology. And if people don’t like it, they can go fuck themselves.”

He added, “Of course I feel for people if they lose their jobs, everybody’s got to feed their family” but “I fucking hate Sony so I’m glad the building burnt down.”

Enfield’s Sony distribution centre, also home of PIAS Distribution, was set on fire amid the London riots last month. Hundreds of label lost stock, including the likes of Warp, Ninja Tune and Finders Keepers.



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