It’d be easy to argue that XXX, the new album by Danny Brown, is everything that Tyler, the Creator’s disappointing Goblin should have been.

You’d be selling Brown very short though, especially considering that the Detroit rapper has been building an underground following for the best part of a decade (the oft-cited story is that 50 Cent wanted to sign him to G-Unit, but didn’t like his look – which currently consists of skinny jeans and an asymmetrical hair-cut).

Yes, there’s plenty of Tyler present in XXX’s wilder moments, which are occasionally hate-filled and bordering on misogynistic (something countered, at least to some extent, by ‘I Will’, Brown’s refreshing tribute to cunninlingus), but overall it’s a remarkably diverse album that at times echoes DOOM’s dusty third person narratives and the drugged-up nihilism of a certain other Detroit rapper before he turned rubbish. Something that particularly informs the album is Brown turning 30, a subject that takes centre-stage on XXX’s closing track, ’30’:

Danny Brown – ’30’

XXX is out now on Fools Good.



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