The Big Pink will return with a new album, Future This, in January 2012.

We don’t know much about the album at this point, but the first single from it will be released by 4AD on November 7, and is titled ‘Stay Gold’. It was, according to the label, “written with references to both an article by Stanley Kubrick in Playboy in the late-60s and Robert Frost’s Pulitzer Prize winning poem, ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ (which also featured prominently in the book and subsequent film, The Outsiders)”, and is “about finding things that make you happy”.

In Big Pink member Milo Cordell’s case, that was “graffiti when he was a kid; a subject that runs through the artwork for their forthcoming second album”.

You can watch the video for ‘Stay Gold’, directed by Ollie Murray, below.

Photo credit: Tom Beard



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