FACT mix 284 is a marathon session by Sydney artist Dro Carey, subtitled The 1AM Emergency.

We’ve been fans of Dro since late last year when we discovered his Brain So Soft Tumblr, an outlet for his completely out there takes on hip-hop, footwork and house. There’s no one around that really sounds like Dro Carey: his music’s clearly that of the night, often cracked out and deliriously sleep-deprived, but there’s also a twilight romanticism to it that keeps you coming back. The scratchy YouTube sampling helps, but Carey’s way more unique and experimental than your average hypnagogic bro, with singles already arriving on labels like Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes, Australia’s Templar Sound and Ikonika & Optimum’s Hum & Buzz.

The last of those three, ‘Candy Red’ / ‘Hungry Horse’, is perhaps Dro’s best work yet, a blood red amalgamation of Timbaland, DJ Nate, Ariel Pink and more that’s so musically deranged and structurally unstable that it feels like it could fall apart at any moment. It came out last week, and even though Dro already contributed a short mix to FACT as part of January’s Producers to Watch in 2011 feature, it prompted us to push him for a second one.

The 1AM Emergency, which Dro also describes as “your brain at night”, is an hour and 41 minutes long, and features everything from The Haxan Cloak and Bruce Gilbert to Main Attrakionz collaborator Nem270, Raekwon and Outkast. Stay with this for the long haul; you’ll be a better person for it.

(Available for three weeks)


Torquemada – Broken Witch
East Bank Gangstas – Roll
The He Dark Age – Gentlemen
DJ Hard – Climax
Dro Carey – A.S.I.O. Healing Ritual
Kouji Maikano – Data Bank
Bruce Gilbert – Bi-Yo-Yo / Insane Poetry – Chopping Up a Body
Energy 52 – Warm Pad
The Haxan Cloak – Hounfour (Temple)
Simon Boswell – A Piece of Pipe [Hardware OST]
Nem270 – Ice Nite Stress
Raekwon – Hitman Salary Skit / 3202 Crooked Thug Ballas – Drop Draws (Loop)
Ferla – Fora Da Luz / UGK Snippet / Ghetto Mizfit – Intro
Carlo Mario Cordio – SFX Cue 34 [Shocking Dark OST]
OutKast – Sole Sunday Instrumental
Max B – Blow Me a Dub
Pound4Pound – Freaky Bitch
Somewhere In Europe – Destiny (1)
Asphixiation – Aural Risk
Seekae – Two
Shawty Redd – Come & Go
Donalds House – Slipped Up
Magina – He’s Behind Me
Laughing Hands – Metallic Enjoyment Series #3
Gudda Gudda – Demolition Part 1 Feat Lil Wayne (Wayne Verse Only)
Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankersmit – Zwerm Voor Tithonus
Anthony Shake Shakir – Mood Swing
Samaritan – Dig Work
Aaliyah – Death of a Playa
Dro Carey – Wreckshop Sugar
Ace Hood – Tear the Roof Off
Marcus Manchild – Private Party
Yoshihiro Katayama – Presentiment
Future – Smoke & Mirrors
Dro Carey – Stinkie Lingo
OJ Da Juiceman – Loud
Option Command – Pond Water / Uncle Luke – Bad Moral Bitches (Interlude)
Sleeping Babies – Gypsy Owls
Halim El-Dabh – Leiyla Visitations Twelve
Danny Ray – Come When I Call
DJ Nate – S.A.S. / DJ Killa – New Money Letz Get It!!! (Skit)
Antediluvian Rocking Horse – Leunig
Somewhere In Europe – Destiny (2)
DJ Playboy – Beautiful Girls
Orange Juice Click – Outro
The-Dream – Ustream Broadcast Rip



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