Irish house cosmonaut Space Dimension Controller is set to release a “prequel” for his forthcoming album in the coming months.

Titled The Pathway to Tiraquon6, it’s practically a full album in itself – 11 tracks long – but from what we understand, has been designed as a release to preempt the full album. R&S will be releasing the record on double-vinyl and presumably digital download; it’s available for pre-order at several record stores now.

Space Dimension Controller arrived on the radars of many with ‘The Love Quadrant’, a stunning space-disco track released in late 2009. Since then he’s been signed to R&S, and released a pair of well-received EPs for the label.

Between those two occasions, he contributed a classic FACT mix to our series, which can still be streamed here.


1 Feature Presentation
2 2257 AD
3 Pulsovian Invasion
4 Last Sunset On Planet Earth
5 Usurper
6 Flight Of The Escape Vessels
7 Confined To Deep Space
8 Max Tiraquon
9 Floating Blind Through Blue Trails
10 Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)
11 Closing Titles



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