Graphics – ‘Wiping the Eye’ / ‘Name This’

Granholme – a new label by Graham Best, curator of Fabric’s absorbing Elevator Music compilation from last year – opens its account with a single from Deadplate cohort Graphics, an 18 year old percussive wunderkind who fits the label’s M.O. perfectly. Granholme seek to cut a distinctive swathe through the “beige” of electronic music and to nurture producers yet to poke their heads fully above the musical parapets, and with this release, they make a purposeful, confidence-inspiring start.

Fusing a galloping rhythm to languid synth and typewriter-clacks to a myriad of swelling percussion, ‘Wiping the Eye’ lunges forward like Blawan without the nightmarish menace; as if ‘Bohla’ were remade in a pristine-white lab in the back of a techno club. There’s enough intent in those driving kick drums to make for heavyweight dancefloor material, but there’s also enough depth of vision to make for an absorbing listen in any situation.

Mike Coleman



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