As previously announced, Warp Records are preparing to release a deluxe vinyl edition of LFO’s debut album Frequencies. Also on the way: a double-CD compilation of Sweet Exorcist productions.

A duo made up of with Richard Barratt  (latterly of The All Seeing I) and Cabaret Voltaire’s intrepid Richard H. Kirk , Sweet Exorcist were among the key architects of the early bleep techno sound of Warp, releasing four seminal 12″s on the label: ‘Testone’ (1990), ‘Clonk’ (1990), CC EP (1991) and ‘Popcone’ (1991). Three years passed before the release of a Sweet Exorcist LP, Spirit Guide To Low Tech, released by Touch in ’94.

The new compilation, entitled RetroActivity, collects tracks from CC EP (which was also released on CD as C.C.C.D. – the first official “album” in the Warp catalogue), and the other three 12″s – in short, everything Sweet Exorcist ever released on Warp – plus five bonus mixes and early demos.

The 2xCD is available to pre-order now from Bleep; it’s released on November 7.

1. Mad Jack
2. Track Jack
3. Jack Jack
4. Trick Jack
5. Kick Jack
6. Psych Jack
7. Clonk’s Coming
8. Clonk (Bonus Mix)
9. Mad Jack (Alternate Mix)
10. Clonk’s Coming (Early Version)
11. Perclonk 6 (Alternate Version)

1. Testone
2. Testwo
3. Testthree
4. Testfour
5. Testfive
6. Testsix (Toneapella)
7. Clonk (Freebass)
8. Clonk (Homebass)
9. Perclonk
10. Samba
11. Bonis Samba
12. Testone (Early Version)



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