For Theo Parrish novices, tackling the revered producer’s discography can be a daunting and expensive task. We can recommend no better place for you to start than his 2000 album Parallel Dimensions.

Following a pared-down 2×12″ release in 2000 (containing five tracks) on Parrish’s own Sound Signature label,  the album first emerged in its expanded and classic nine-track form on Sound Signature CD, before Ubiquity Records picked it up for a double-LP and CD release in 2004. The album has been out of print ever since, and while second-hand copies of the first Ubiquity pressing aren’t astronomically priced, we’re pleased to find that a 2011 edition has just been made available.

The CD was reissued earlier this month, but the real prize is the new double-LP pressing, which precisely replicates the 2004 edition. Widely and rightly regarded as a masterpiece of modern house music, it finds the Detroit producer channelling his interest in African music, jazz and dub, making for an open-ended but tightly controlled psychedelic odyssey that has set the tone for his last seven years of music-making.


A1. Serengeti Echoes 11:54
A2. Reaction To Plastic 6:02
B1. So Now What 9:28
B2. Nefarious Stranger 5:13
B3. Brain 4:43
C1. Space Ghosts 5:15
C2. Summertime Is Here 12:25
D1. Violet Green 11:02
D2. Anansies Dances



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