Quebecois ambient master Tim Hecker has announced his second album release of the year, Dropped Pianos.

Rather than a full new Hecker album, Dropped Pianos is designed as a companion piece to the other album he released this year, Ravedeath, 1972. The record collects nine “piano sketches” that Hecker recorded in 2010 as he drew up ideas for Ravedeath, “providing a window into his creative process. While the majority of Ravedeath relies heavily on electronic production, the sketches on Dropped Piano are simple and piano-driven, but possess a mournful and dramatic feeling that makes them clear precursors to the final product” [via RA]

Kranky will release Dropped Pianos on October 10.


01. Sketch 1
02. Sketch 2
03. Sketch 3
04. Sketch 4
05. Sketch 5
06. Sketch 6
07. Sketch 7
08. Sketch 8
09. Sketch 9



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