The latest step in Jeff Mills’ space obsession will come in the form of an original score for Fantastic Voyage, a 1966 sci-fi film by Harry Kleiner.

The techno veteran has been exploring themes of astronomy in his music for a while now, but according to RA, Fantastic Voyage is set not in outer space, but in the human body.

“The film’s plot runs something like this: in the midst of the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union develop technology to dramatically miniaturize objects or people for temporary periods of time. After an assassination attempt leaves a key scientist comatose, the US puts a group of operatives inside a submarine, shrinks them down and injects them into the scientist’s body to repair his potentially fatal blood clot. Breathtaking adventures ensue”.

According to Mills, “In creating this soundtrack, there was slight tolerance for a dominating cold technological impression. The human body, the most organic of all Mankind’s creations, far exceeds this realm. Early on in the production, it became apparent to me that what this film really needed was a sound scheme that is as unorthodox as Outer Space and as organic as the color pallet in the Seas and Oceans of our Planet Earth.”

Fantastic Voyage will be released through Axis Records in a double-CD this October.


01. Introduction – Phase 1-3
02. Into the Body (Inner World)
03. What Could That Be?
04. Brace Yourselves
05. Breaking Through the Inner Wall
06. Drift With the Direction of the Flow
07. The Heart
08. Passing Through the Heart
09. Miracle of the Universe
10. Clearing the Vents
11. Wait Until he Exhales
12. Endangered System
13. Blown Away
14. Light from the Outside World
15. What’s That Up Ahead?
16. The Loss of Power
17. Suspicion
18. A Enemy Spy Surfaces
19. Laser Surgery
20. Rushing to the Eye
21. Whirlpool (The Only Way Out)
22. CMDIF – Mission Accomplished



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