Patrice and Friends have announced their debut album, Cashmere Sheets.

Patrice and Friends is a new project that focuses on the middle ground between ’80s pop and funk and 160bpm dance music – most notably juke. It’s known that UK house producer Slackk is one of the people behind the project, but there’s not much information out there past that – other than that the official face of Patrice is the decadent-seeming chap above. We presume that his friends are female, and usually found running around his yacht in the nude.

There are several Patrice and Friends videos circulating YouTube (you can watch them here), and the music on them is genuinely like nothing else around. Some of Chicago footwork veteran DJ Rashad’s tracks are in a similar vein, but they don’t carry the same air of sexed-up mania that Patrice and Friends’ do.

Anyway, Patrice and Friends have today announced their debut album. Titled Cashmere Sheets, it’s 15 tracks long and will be released “on or around” October 10, both digitally and as a limited edition CD-R, which comes packaged with a seven track EP titled Cashmere Outtakes. The current pre-order price is £1000, but according to Patrice that’s just a placeholder until the actual release date.

You can stream samples from Cashmere Sheets, and – once the release date is upon us – order it here.



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