Water Borders’ Harbored Mantras is the latest release on Tri Angle.

It’s one of the label’s best offerings to date – up there with How To Dress Well’s Love Remains and the oOoOO EP – being a wonderfully icky, engrossing audio document of what happens when a pair of American weirdos split the difference between their love of 80s post-industrial music (Coil, NWW, Current 93, etc) and the swaggering dancefloor rhythms of the present day.

Damu is a young Manchester-based producer who’s impressed with 12″ releases on Local Action and Keysound, and is soon to drop his debut album on the latter, wherein he steers hydraulically-powered house shapes into the realm of pure psychedelia. An inspired choice of remixer for Harbored Mantras’ ‘What Wiwant’, he sprays his spiked supply of MiracleGro over the shadowy source material, then stands back as it blooms into a dense foliage of thrumming tablas and glistening coin-op arpeggios. Download it below; more information here.

Water Borders – What Wiwant (Damu remix)



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