FACT mix 293 is by The Golden Filter.

Earlier this month the New York duo released SYNDROMES: a short film and acompanying soundtrack. The 10-minute film was directed by Grammy-winning Norwegian Kristoffer Borgli and follows “a young girl with mysterious talents that finds herself unwillingly entwined in an elite underworld that only the ailing wealthy are ever aware of”. The music was written first, and Borgli’s film created in response to it. You can now watch it in full here.

is available as a CD/DVD courtesy of the band’s own Perfectly Isolated label, while the soundtrack will also be released digitally and in a special limited vinyl and art edition of 300 copies, crafted by The Vinyl Factory and including an exclusive poster hand-signed by the band. The vinyl edition is housed in a gatefold sleeve, with artwork by Lorene Taurerewa, and a DVD of the film also included. Full details and pre-orders here. It features six original new songs in Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman’s well-honed style, and is their first official release since their 2010 debut album Voluspa (on Brille Records, home to The Knife).

For their FACT mix, Trappes and Hindman have focussed on the kind of darkling electronic pop that they themselves specialise in, with tracks from 100% Silk’s Octo Octa, Tri Angle’s Holy Other and Balam Acab, and many more. Download and stream via the Soundcloud player below.


1. Intro
2. The Golden Filter – Mother (Tristan Chord remix)
3. Octo Octa – I’m Trying
4. Seams – Focus Energy
5. Throbbing Gristle – Walkabout
6. Holy Other – Know Where
7. Penelope Edmund – Come Tonight (instrumental)
8. Blood Diamonds – Move The Stars
9. Zorro Park – Fools
10. Chakachas – Stories
11. The Golden Filter – Theme from Rosemary’s Baby
12. Hiroshi & Claudia – This Early Broadmindedness
13. Keep Shelly in Athens – Running Out Of You
14. Gold Zebra – Love French Better
15. Saxophone – Souvenir
16. Auntie Flo – Highlife
17. Liquid Liquid – Lock Groove Out
18. Dorothy – Softness
19. Komodo – Up and Down
20. RickyEatAcid+Arrange – P.S.L.W.
21. Balam Acab – Apart
22. This Mortal Coil – Fond Affections




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