In January 2012, Prinzhorn Dance School will release a new album on DFA Records, entitled Clay Class.

It’s the long-awaited follow-up to their none-more-angular 2007 self-titled debut on DFA/EMI, and includes last year’s fine “comeback” single ‘Seed, Crop, Harvest’. Clay Class is reportedly Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn’s attempt “to bring some colour and some tenderness” to their music, and on songs like ‘The Flora and Fauna of Britain In Bloom’ and ‘Sing Orderly’, they seem to succeed.

Fans needn’t worry though: stand-out track ‘Your Fire Has Gone Out’ echoes the itchy machine-gun delivery of old favourites like ‘You Are The Space Invader’ and ‘Crackerjack Docker’.

More information on the album when we have it. Prinzhorn play at London’s 100 Club tonight, as part of the sold-out 10 years of DFA show with The Rapture and YACHT.




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