One of the year’s best albums, Cut Hands’ Afro Noise I, is finally being released on vinyl.

The debut full-length from Cut Hands, the latest solo incarnation of Whitehouse founder William Bennett, Afro Noise I was originally released earlier in 2011 on CD, via Bennett’s own Susan Lawly label. The vinyl comes courtesy of Dirter, the UK imprint that over the years has provided an outlet for the likes of Sunn 0))), Ramleh, Merzbow, Nurse With Wound and Faust.

An incredible collision of electronics and frenzied, polyrhythmic percussion played on instruments sourced from Ghana, the Congo and Haiti, it’s a brutal but strangely accessible record, with space for reflective pieces like ‘++++ (Four Crosses)’ and ‘Impassion’ in amidst the more battering rhythmic voodoo. You can still download the Cut Hands FACT mix, in which Bennett shares some of the African drum music that directly inspired the project.

Excitingly, the album is being pressed across two separate limited vinyl editions, each containing extra tracks not featured on the original CD issue, and both due to drop on December 5. The tracks have been mastered/remastered by Denis Blackham.


Volume 1
A1. Welcome To The Feast Of Trumpets
A2. Stabbers Conspiracy
A3. Rain Washes Over Chaff
A4. Nzambi Ia Lufua
B1. Who No Know Go Knows
B2. ++++ (Four Crosses)
B3. Brown-Brown
B4. Shut Up And Bleed

Volume 2
A1. Munkisi Munkondi
A2. Impassion
A3. Ezili Freda
A4. Nzambi Ia Muini
B1. Bia Mintatu
B2. Krokodilo
B3. Backlash
B4. Rain Washes Over Everything



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