Johnny YesNo is being issued on DVD for the first time, in a special box set from Mute that includes the original cut of the movie and a “new re-imagining” of it, plus Cabaret Voltaire’s original soundtrack, 140 minutes of bonus material and 2 CDs of exclusive Cabs tracks and new mixes.

We now have a copy of this beyond-essential item to give away to one lucky FACT reader.

The original Johnny YesNo film was made in 1982 by then little-known director Peter Care, who went on to helm big-hitting promos for the likes of Depeche Mode, R.E.M. and Bruce Springsteen, and whose TV credits include an episode of Six Feet Under. It was created with a cast of unknown actors and originally released on Cabaret Voltaire’s own video label, Double Vision (that’s the VHS cover pictured right). The accompanying music was recorded by the original Cabs line up of Stephen Mallinder (vocals, bass), Richard H. Kirk (guitars, keyboards, tapes) and Chris Watson (keyboards, tapes, drum computers).

The new box set, entitled Johnny YesNo – Redux, includes a contemporary revisit of the film, featuring a completely new cast, a relocation to LA and a fresh soundtrack mixed by Richard H. Kirk from original Cabs material. It’s released by Mute on November 14, but if you’d like to be entered into our prize draw to win a copy for nowt, simply e-mail your name and the words ‘Johnny YesNo’ to Our winner will be notified on or before November 21.






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