ASC will release a new album, The Light That Burns Twice as Bright, on November 22.

Unlike James Clements’ past work, which is drum’n’bass informed by the parameters – or lack of parameters – established by Instra:mental and dBridge’s Autonomic style, The Light finds him dropping the drums entirely, with ten pieces of droning, swelling ambience. The record will be released on Silent Season, a label whose sound is “inspired by its secluded home in the rain forests of Vancouver Island.” [via Resident Advisor]

You can stream the album’s closer, ‘Stranded with No Direction’, below.


01 – Silver Rain On Venus
02 – Binomial Theorem
03 – Underwater Temples
04 – Low Clouds
05 – My Mind Is Not The Same as Yours
06 – A Love-Inspired Fire
07 – I Need Rewiring
08 – Lunar Industries
09 – Irradiated Software
10 – Stranded With No Direction



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