Mouse on Mars are set to present the UK premiere of their new orchestral piece, Paenumnion, at London’s Barbican on November 25.

A collaboration with conductor André de Ridder and the musikFabrik ensemble, Paenumnion will be performed as part of an evening of “groundbreaking German electronic music” – Oval will be making a live appearance, and there will be a rare performance by musikFabrik of Stockhausen’s pioneering tape composition Gesang der Jünglinge (1956).

MoM’s Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner have been working together for almost two decades. They first rose to prominence in the 90s, contributing to Mille Plateaux’s seminal Clicks and Cuts compilation, but unlike many of their peers the quixotic duo have never stood still for long – their varied recorded output means they’re equally comfortable in the context of dancefloor, academy, concert hall and gallery.

“We’ve always wanted to work with an orchestra, but we’d never met anyone who could help us put together something so intense,” says Toma of their desicision to team up with André de Ridder, whose recent credits include These New Puritans’ Hidden Live and Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz, Monkey: Journey To The West and Dr Dee.

St. Werner and Toma are on stage throughout the performance, “playing their own digitally-crafted sounds and processing the orchestra at the same time”, while musikFabrik “transform themselves and their instruments into an extension of the Mouse on Mars aesthetic by playing in deeply unconventional ways.”

The work premiered in Cologne earlier this year to much acclaim. More information and tickets (£15-£25) for the Barbican show can be found here.




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