We’ve no idea as to quite what spawned Patrice & Friends’ Cashmere Sheets, but we’re more grateful for its existence than 99% of other albums released this year.

The work of rogue house and grime producer Slackk, whose past releases have come on labels like Numbers and Diskotopia (there’s also the gliding ‘Polar Bear’, due for a December release on Unknown to the Unknown), apparently working in tandem with some undisclosed friends, Cashmere Sheets is effectively ‘80s boogie, funk and r’n’b reimagined at footwork tempo, with ultra high-res vocal samples riding lightning-fast drum rushes. The smooth wildly juxtaposes with the frenetic; think DJ Rashad’s soul-sampling tracks taken to a totally illogical extreme, and you’re in the right ball park.

Patrice & Friends’ FACT mix is only 35 minutes long, but it doesn’t let up once, with stacks of Patrice material both released and unreleased and stop offs from DJ Roc, DJ Manny, Juicy J & Lex Luger, Juke Ellington and more. If you’re bored of the softness of a lot of current UK dance music then trust us, this is your jam.

FACT mix 302 – Patrice & Friends (Nov ’11)


Patrice & Friends – So I Took It Upon Myself
Patrice & Friends – Spellbound
Manny – Mystery
Patrice & Friends – She Got Ice In Her Mouth
Patrice & Friends – Barmaid
DJ Roc – Duel Of Fates
Lil Jabba – Raiders
Patrice & Friends – Gasp
Juicy J – Pills Weed & Pussy
Patrice & Friends – Waitress
Patrice & Friends – (Can’t Stop) Loving You
Patrice & Friends – Lovers, Us, The World
Falty DL – Brazil (Slick Shoota RMX)
Patrice & Friends – I Wanna Take You
Juke Ellington – Blow
Patrice & Friends – After The Rave



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