If this isn’t an incredibly elaborate joke (it’s already available to pre-order on iTunes), then this has to rank as the most unlikely release of the year.

Jail-friendly Atlanta rap icon Gucci Mane has recorded an album – not a mixtape, an album – with V-Nasty, a.k.a. the main sidekick of controversial female Oakland rapper Kreayshawn. For those unfamiliar, V-Nasty is best know for recording YouTube videos of her and Kreayshawn getting up to no good, and frequently using the n-word in her raps, despite being white as white gets.

Now, you’d think a mouthy white girl who drops the N-bomb at every other opportunity and a man who recently went to jail for allegedly pushing a woman out of a moving car because she wouldn’t sleep with him wouldn’t get along. But maybe that’s just us being old fashioned.

Warner Bros will release BAYTL (presumably a play on the Bay Area and Atlanta, V-Nasty and Gucci’s respective hoods) on December 13. That’s a close-up of the cover art above, with V-Nasty looking suspiciously like Skrillex. [via Pitchfork]


01 Whip Appeal [ft. P2theLA]
02 Loaded [ft. Mistah F.A.B.]
03 Let’s Get Faded
04 White Girl
05 Push Ups [ft. Slim Dunkin]
06 Food Plug [ft. Berner]
07 Out My Circle
08 Hate Me Some More
09 Millions Every Month
10 Fill My Shoes
11 Fuck You [ft. Slim Dunkin]
12 Sick Swag



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