Three 6 Mafia rap veteran Juicy J has come into his own as a solo artist this year, with a status that’s in danger of overshadowing that of the infamous Memphis group.

His rise has been in no short part due to some excellent mixtapes – mostly notably the Rubbaband Business tapes with Lex Luger and Young Nigga Movement – but it’s also due to the fact that he’s turned “trippy” (read: drunk or high, usually both) into one of the biggest hip-hop memes this side of swag. If you follow him on Twitter, as he implores you to do in every other song, then you’ll know what we mean.

Anyway, he’s now teamed up with fellow net-obsessed rapper Kreayshawn for a tribute to, you guessed it, getting completely fucked up. You can stream ‘U Trippy Mane’, from Juicy J’s next mixtape Blue Dream & Lean, below.

Juicy J feat. Kreayshawn – ‘U Trippy Mane’



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