‘Phat Head’ is a brand new production by Skream. It’s taken from his split EP with Benga, out December 6 – tomorrow – on Scion A/V.

The five-track digital EP features two tracks by Benga and three by Skream. It will be available as a free download scionav.com. Listen to ‘Phat Head’ now:

“Scion A/V has a desire to find artists that go beyond the realm of typicality,” says Scion’s Jeri Yoshizu. “Skream and Benga are not only legendary DJs but legendary producers; these two have brought a sonic movement from their home and spread it across the world like wildfire. Wherever you go now, the sounds of dubstep follow you, thanks in part to them.”

Other recent Scion A/V digital releases have come from the likes of Omar-S and Juan Atkins.

Scion A/V presents Skream and Benga tracklist:
1. Benga – Any Steppers
2. Benga – Electro West
3. Skream – Ice Cream Jelly Roll
4. Skream – Nefariousa
5. Skream – Phat Head



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