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FACT mix 306 is by West Norwood Cassette Library.

The South London resident has been recording music since the mid-‘90s, under various guises, but it’s in the last two years that he’s really come into his own, releasing some of the most distinctive UK house music around; warm and rough (by West Norwood’s own admission, barely any of the equipment in his studio works properly at this point), and constantly looking to the skip of mid-’90s garage and the bounce of classic hip-hop for inspiration.

His FACT mix is in a similar vein to West Norwood’s productions: groove is everything here, with not one track slowing down the overall flow, and it’s recorded off vinyl and acetate (yes, he still cuts dubplates) with a healthy touch of looseness to it. Unreleased material from West Norwood’s own label features, as well as forthcoming cuts by Blawan, Midland, Pariah, Brackles and more.

FACT mix 306 – West Norwood Cassette Library (Dec ’11)


01. SHOCKPROOF . Satisfied (Dubplate)
02. OPTIC . Cupcakes (Dubplate)
03. MILYOO . Biogram v2 (WNCL Recordings)
04. ULTRAMARINE . Acid (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)
05. SAMUEL H SIMPSON . Til U Were Dead (Dubplate)
06. MIDLAND & PARIAH . Untitled (Dubplate)
07. KARENN . Chaste Down (Dubplate)
08. PARIAH . Left Unsaid (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Dubplate)
09. BLAWAN . Peaches (forthcoming Clone Basement Series)
10. KNOWING LOOKS . Ghost Baby (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)
11. T WILLIAMS & BREACH . The Bees (Dubplate)
13. BRACKLES . Blazeby (forthcoming Rinse)
14. KEVIN McPHEE . Do (Dubplate)
15. WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY . Drop (free download)
16. WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY . Say What? (forthcoming New Kanada)
17. DON FROTH . Von (WNCL Recordings)
18. DON FROTH . Balboa (WNCL Recordings)



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