FACT mix 309 is a session of itchy house music by Kentucky’s Milyoo.

We’ve been covering Tommy Wilson’s work in FACT since 2009, and in that time we’ve seen it progress from dusty hip-hop, pulled in and out of shape across the course of its tracks’ lengths like plasticine, to some of the most promising – and weirdest – house music around. On ‘Colours’, a single for Opit released earlier this year, FACT’s Andrew Ryce described how Milyoo “takes [a] slightly garagey beat and abuses the Hell out of it, sticking in detuned chord progressions wherever they can fit (or not), as chords stretch and pulse in the background like a melting horizon. It’s abstract, it’s expectedly bizarre, but it’s surprisingly functional, and certainly physical”, while ‘Biogram v2’, released on West Norwood Cassette Library, sounded like some vintage soul records trying to escape from a hoover bag.

This month, Milyoo released his debut album, Archaeology. Slower and stranger than the rest of his work to date, it’s house and hip-hop that uses a beat as a vague guideline, but never feels too much of a need to stick to it, loping off-grid and fading into washes of samples when you least expect. Like Kassem Mosse, Newworldaquarium and Actress, it rarely feels the need to exert itself beyond a (roughly) 115-125 shuffle, but there’s also a bounce to some of Archaeology that betrays the influence of American hip-hop on Milyoo’s work.

His FACT mix, as you might expect, is house music in a similarly uneasy vein, and even when it’s not Milyoo’s productions being played, it all very much sounds like his work. Kerri Chandler, Karenn, Kevin McPhee, West Norwood Cassette Library, 100% Silk’s Octa Octo and more feature.

FACT mix 309 – Milyoo


Milyoo – Down Like You
Kerri Chandler – On the Side
Kingthing – Queen Hive (Milyoo’s Dancing Queen Mix)
Jacob Korn – She
Milyoo – Baby True
Kevin McPhee – Sleep
West Norwood Cassette Library – Get Lifted (Karenn Remix)
Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus ‘Summer of 83’ Remix)
Octo Octa – I’m Trying
Disclosure – I Love…That You Know
The Dining Rooms (feat Jake Reid) – Stoic Calm (Milyoo’s Alt Mix)



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