FACT mix 310 is a two-part epic by Moon Wiring Club.

MWC is the alter ego of Ian Hodgson, an English eccentric in the grand tradition. Since 2007 he’s been delighting and occasionally confounding with his prolific output; his most recent full-length offering is the terrific Clutch It Like A Gonk. 

For his FACT mix, Hodgson has treated us all to a session, subtitled Something, which is both a survey of his singular interests and, quite honestly, the most transporting, haunting, heartwarming and downright eventful FACT mix we’ve presented all year.

To look at the tracklist is to picture the best party ever: one where you’ll find Warren G, Snoop and Dr Dre fraternising with Ian ‘Lovejoy’ McShane and Jimmy Saville (R.I.P); Wiley and Terror Danjah sharing war stories with Scott Walker and Tangerine Dream; H.G. Wells trying to edge Julia Holter under the mistletoe; Carl Craig and Autechre slugging mulled wine with Timbaland and Nurse With Wound; All in just over an hour.



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