According to Clash, Digital Mystikz producer and general dubstep king Mala is working on an album with Cuban musicians.

The news comes from Gilles Peterson (when it comes to Cuba, who else?), who told the magazine that he recently convinced Mala to come out with him to the country. The trip left an enormous impression, with the Digital Mystikz producer now working on new material with musicians from the island which will apparently act as an interpretation of Peterson’s own ‘Havana Cultura’ experiments.

“One of the things I wanted to do on this latest album was to bring over Mala, the dubstep producer from Digital Mystikz. He’s a friend of mine and I wanted him to come over and I wanted to put an experiment together because he’s such a rhythm guy and he hadn’t been to Cuba before.”

“So I basically took Mala over there with me and we spent the first few days recording Latin rhythms and we took those back to the UK and he’s been working on that. We went back and made the album, but when I was making the album I would be in studio one and all the musicians would come through and play a straightforward type of album. Then when they were done with me they would basically go through and see him and he would do his interpretation of the Cuban thing for his own album which is going to be coming out in February. February / March for our follow up album.”

Peterson emphasised that the new material should not be viewed as a remix album, but as an entity in its own right. “Rather than have a remix album on the back of this project, which is what we did last time as a sort of follow through, this time we’re going to have a Mala interpretation which is going to be really interesting.”

If this does take shape, then it will be Mala’s first full album – though he did release a six-track triple-vinyl pack in 2010, Return II Space, which many viewed as his debut LP.



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