Joy Orbison and Boddika [above] will follow the release of their ultra-hyped collaboration ‘Swims’ with a new 12″ single.

Sporting a pair of new collaborations between the pair titled ‘Froth’ and ‘Mercy’, the single represents the “first release from a new series of records” by the two (the given label name is SUNKLOWUN), and is due for release on February 21. Glasgow store Rubadub – who are distributing the record – have it available to pre-order already.

Boddika, one half of former drum’n’bass duo Instra:mental, recently spoke about the collaborations in an interview with JunoPlus. “I’ve connected so well with Pete ‘cos we’ve got a similar passion, and we’ve got similar ideas of how things should sound,” he revealed. “It’s more than just the tune. We’re working together three or four days a week at the moment and I think we plan on doing that for the foreseeable future.”

“We’re veering off into a slightly different direction … We didn’t want the music we’re writing to sound like what we’re known for as individuals and that’s been a bit of an effort, so over the last five months we’ve been in the studio just taking our time with things. Obviously we did “Swims” early on which we had a great reaction to, but the new stuff is a little housier, but by no means generic at all.”

You can stream a radio rip of ‘Froth’ below.




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