The latest edition of Rinse FM’s mix CD series comes from Mark Radford.

Radford hasn’t been on Rinse as long as some contributors to the series (he started his Saturday evening slot in April 2011), but he’s made a name for himself in London’s post-Funky (or at least, post-The Summer of Funky, 2008) landscape playing a deeper, techier, and altogether more European selection of house music. The sort of thing that’s been going for years, basically, but in the last two years seems to have emerged as the house music de jour for many of the capital’s clubbers.

Rinse: 18 may feature a fair few house and techno staples (Steve Bug, Alex Niggeman, John Tejada), but there’s plenty of material from up-and-coming UK names (James What, No Artificial Colours), and as easy as it is to comment that this music’s nothing new, Radford’s radio shows do have a habit of making it work.

Rinse Recordings will release Rinse: 18 on March 5.

01/ Point of No Return – Alex Niggeman
02/ Some People – Rekleiner
03/ Sin City – Mark Henning
04/ Dark Room (John Tejada Mix) – Max Cooper
05/ Wet – Steve Bug
06/ Speechless (Carl Craig Remix) – Agoria
07/ In the Dark – James What
08/ Over You (Wildcats Remix) – Lee Brink
09/ Around (Subban Remix) – Noir & Haze
10/ Girl You Know – No Artificial Colours
11/ Bouyancy – Al Bassline
12/ Voyage (Solomun Remix) – Tiger Stripes
13/ Morning Caffeine – Martin Landsky
14/ Morning Confessions – Lazaro Casanova



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