Earlier this month, FACT reported on lo-fi icon Ariel Pink recording an entire album, Ku Klux Glam, with the similarly minded R. Stevie Moore.

Boutique vinyl label PIAPTK have released the first single from this project, a “six-minute space droner” lathe cut onto mirrors [via Pitchfork]. We’ll let the label explain:

“Almost every aspect of this record was made from recycled or upcycled materials. The mirrored acrylic was collected over several years from the by-the-pound remnant bin of a Tacoma plastic supplier. It came from the end pieces and overcut scraps of various projects and was otherwise destined for the dump. The holographic covers were hand-cut with a T-square and boxcutter (hence the jaggedness of some) from the end remnants of rolls of drum-covering. Even the paper for the insert was picked up at a garage sale … Comes in silkscreened holographic drum covering, in several different covers”.

Drooling, right? Unfortunately it was only pressed in an edition of 88, and unsurprisingly all are already sold out. You can still buy the digital mp3, however, from the PIAPTK store



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