Stars and Topsoil, the definitive “best of” the Cocteau Twins, is to be released on vinyl for the very first time on February 6.

Originally released on CD in 2000, Stars and Topsoil compiles the best of the band’s 4AD years, with tracks taken from the classic albums Garlands (1982), Head Over Heels (1983), Treasure (1984), Victorialand (1985), Blue Bell Knoll (1986) and Heaven Or Las Vegas (1988), as well as the EPs The Spangle Maker (1983), Aikea-Guinea (1984), Tiny Dynamite (1985), Echoes In A Shallow Bay (1985), Love’s Easy Tears (1986), and the single ‘Iceblink Luck’.

Cocteau Twins – Liz Frazer, Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde – pretty much invented, and certainly defined, the dream-pop sound that became synonymous with 4AD, and which has influenced legion artists – from gothic rockers to techno producers – that have come since.

Remastered by Guthrie, the 18-track Stars and Topsoil collection is the perfect introduction to their intimidatingly vast body of work. The new gatefold 2xLP edition is pressed on white vinyl, with sleevenotes by novelist Alan Warner.

A1. Blind Dumb Deaf
A2. Sugar Hiccup
A3. My Love Paramour
A4. Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops
A5. Lorelei
B1. Pandora
B2. Aikea-Guinea
B3. Pink Orange Red
B4. Pale Clouded White
C1. Lazy Calm
C2. The Thinner the Air
C3. Orange Appled
C4. Cico Buff
D1. Carolyn’s Fingers
D2. Fifty-Fifty Clown
D3. Iceblink Luck
D4. Heaven or Las Vegas
D5. Watchlar



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