New Build will release their debut album through their own Lanark Recordings imprint on March 5.

The band features two members of Hot Chip, Al Doyle and Felix Martin, alongside Tom Hopkins – the three met while they were all working at Warp Records some years back. Doyle, who also played in LCD Soundsystem, is New Build’s singer and lyricist, though Janine Rostron aka Planningtorock also contributes vocals.

Taking inspiration from house and techno as well as “the eccentricities of artists such as The Human League, Peter Gabriel, Robert Wyatt, Chris & Cosey, Cabaret Voltaire and Eno”, New Build have recorded 12 songs for the album, which is entitled Yesterday Was Lived & Lost and will be available on CD, vinyl and download.

They’ll be touring in March with an eight-piece band in the UK, Europe and the USA to support the record.

1. Introduction
2. Medication
3. Misery Loves Company
4. Miranda (Be My Guide)
5. Behind the Shutter
6. Schism of the Mind
7. Do You Not Feel Loved?
8. The Third One
9. Mercy
10. Finding Reasons
11. Last Gasp
12. Silence and the Muttering



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